IBM Mobile Web Push

Trial access experience redesign

This is a side project during my internship at IBM M&C lab in the summer of 2014. The team wanted to increase the try out rate of IBM MOBILE WEB PUSH, one of IBM's web app by refining the trial access page. The goal is to minimize the steps that have to be taken for potential users to get access to the product, without constant discard in halfway due to fussy blank filling procedures. This project is a short-term,research, IA and design based concept presentation last only for two weeks, in which user testing is involved in that phase.

Define problems

I used several e-mail address to run through the sign-up process to get a general sense of the general flow here. Primarily, mobile web push is under, so if a visitor has already logged in his IBM account,  he should be able to get the trial access immediately after he clicks the "Free Trail" button, but the truth is he has to log in again, which is an unnecessarily step. On the other hand, for people who don't have an IBM account, there's a blank sheet need filled out, which is too much work in order to give a try to a web app, and a large amount of potential users the team is trying to intrigue, who don't have an IBM account, are very likely to discard halfway, which is also shown in the previous research insights. Lastly, the design style of sign-up page is not consistent and out of date.

Analyze and refine

Existing workflow

No matter if the user has logged in, he has to log in again after clicking on the link to get the trial.

The user can’t directly get access to the service when providing a ID account

Refined workflow

Users who already logged in goes straight to the service page The contact confirmation form is filled after the user signing up with email and get the confirmation mail No more than four steps any users with each type of identity status.