Material trade in platform

Students in art schools are dealing with various kinds of tools and materials all the time to make beauty or functionality out of them. Sometimes it is hard for them to acquire suitable material due too all kinds of obstacles ,  and new purchase on certain material can be expensive. On the other hand, as art students we don't just throw away our remaining materials right after we finish our project , thinking about maybe we would make use of them again someday or maybe somebody else would need them. But the truth is they seldom actually go useful again.

Our objective is to design, build and test a mobile  application that facilitates the reuse, recycling or repurpose of scrap materials generated within the SCAD Savannah Campus. The app content must be submitted, sourced, organized and filtered by users and feature a way for users to communicate with each other, ultimately promote sustainability of art school environment.


Based our research in the field , we’d created clusters of themes like Origins, Storage, Effort, Inspiration, Type of Scraps, Difficulty, Sharing, Hoarding, Size, Locations and other options. We then distilled thse groupings down to three ideas. Our next step was to flesh out the ideas and think about that needs they would satisfy.


“I think it works overall. I would use it. It’s not a bad app.”

“Once it’s gone, would it disappear from my wishlist? Would I get some sort of notification?”

“It could be it’s own social network, but not creepy like Craiglist.”

“I think it’s a good thing (keeping it simple ), because it’s stuff that people are giving away. You don’t want it to be complicated because it’s gone in a minute.”


Extremely simple app to use in a campus network Just browse, ask and meet to trade.