An abundance of social networks focused on trip-planning, hitch-hiking, and ride-sharing exist, this project aims to enter into the white-space of supporting more adventures with no specific planned destination to happen. We aim to design a supportive social network for people interested in travelling not for the purpose of destination; but for the experience of adventure. This social network will invigorate individuals to travel by unconventional means; shifting the generally accepted destination focus travelling methods towards savouring a richer journey experience. The presence of planning and high stress situations consumes the travel industry; curiosity, spontaneity, and security need to coexist in travelling to increase access to experiencing the new.

Secondary Research

Our team was very interested in the culture of hitch-hiking, thinking it represents the core of wanderlust spirit. However due to lot of legal and security issues, it never came to the stage. So we started this project by looking into the hitch-hiking culture, understand the big context.


Our team conducted user research using qualitative and quantitative methods. Techniques included web research, observations/ user interviews, and surveys etc, to define users and create preliminary personas. We analyzed the results of our research, and created an empathy map and personas for each user group previously identified within the network to generate insights, concepts and potential marketing strategies


Heather recently returned from a European study abroad trip and has had her eyes opened to her own new found independence. She met many interesting people on her trip, and noticed many people backpacking across Europe. Recently, Heather finds herself thinking of ways to be spontaneous and have fun as she will soon be entering the workforce and no longer have the same amount of freedom. Change is happening in all aspects of her life, new friends, new cities, and new challenges to face too. The thought of beginning to saving money for her future is crossing her mind; but really she doesn’t have much of a disposable income to work with. Between classwork, spending time
with friends, and preparing for her future, Heather really does not have much free time.


1. To have more stamps in my passport
2. To find an outlet to express and exercise my new found independence
3. Complete college and transit into career
4. To begin making money


Sam is a young businessman working really hard. He’s outgoing, caring about his appearance, and he’s trying to build a future for himself. He’s single, and his co-worker are his friends. His family keeps telling him to get a girlfriend. He thinks travelling is life‘s greatest goal, but he gets frustrated when he gets asked if he has plans to take a trip, because he doesn’t have enough disposable income. He doesn’t have much free time or have many friends to travel with, and he doesn’t get to travel for work. He’s used to working with the computer and internet, and usually ends up watching all kinds of travelling documentaries and follows his friend’s travelling posts on social media.


1. Fill my passport with stamps around the world
2. Work hard to climb the corporate ladder
3. Start a successful relationship

Mr. & Mrs Butterton

The Buttertons are highly educated well-employed individuals. They both come from big families and enjoy helping others. They have built up savings and are now working with a bigger combined disposable income. They talk about taking trips and going on weekend adventures but end up in their routine, staying close to home and going to movies. They are both concerned with staying together and keeping their marriage fresh, especially when they have seen so many of their friends separate and divorce. They also deal with their parents always nagging them about when they are going to “settle down and have kids”. They are frustrated with how little they have actually gotten to go on vacations together since they’re honeymoon in Belize.Despite their stresses at work and worry for their friends they keep a positive outlook on life and the world.


1. To see the world together
2. To make our first large investment
3. To be a tight knit until yet still ourselves as individuals
4. Support each other's wants and needs

Who are we ?

A social network for adventure seekers. “We revived the spontaneous spirit of hitchhiking in the United States by inspiring curiosity and enabling people to act on their wanderlust desires.”

What do we do ?

We inspire the curiosity and spontenaeity of travelers while encouraging them to have new experiences.

What's our vision?

There will be weekend takeovers biweekly across the country where people will gather and tell stories of their travels and adventures. The weekend takeovers will become a sought after economy booster for cities and pull in big name keynote speakers.

What wave are we riding ?

Social Networking Saving Money Saving the Planet Nostalgia

Who shares the brandscape ?

Kangaride Wayn Lyft Hitchwiki Expedia (other traditional travel companies) CouchSurfing

What makes us the "only" ?

We are the only travel social network with a traveling focus aimed at adventure seekers in the United States who are looking to travel unconventionally yet safely that allows and enables them to connect on and offline, in an era of high costs constrasted by a need for sustainable practice and dwindling time for vacation.

What should we add or subtract ?

Gamification “Local” On ground races and weekend city takeovers.

Who loves us ?

Explorer and Reformer Psycographics Our Users, NonUsers Cities and Employees. We give our users the opportunity to travel, meet new people, share new experiences, save money and gain reputation among their peers. They give us content and money. We give cities tourists and promotion. They give us food, lodging deals and a venue.

Who's the enemy ?

The negative conotation we identified through our research that is associated with Hitchhiking. We are not a traditional trip planning experience. We are not Facebook, Tumblr or Foursquare. We are not a ridesharing company. We are not hitchhiking

How do we learn our loyalty ?

By going above and beyond expectations. We send reach out emails after events inviting people to watch recap videos, tag themselves in our photo albums and reach out to new friends they met on their weekend adventure.

How do we spread the word ?

Member Flags. Billboard, Bus/Car Wraps, Bench ad. campaigns.

Who do people engage with us ?

The Internet: Live Web Cam of Events, When they want to learn about how to travel smarter, taking part in our weekend takeovers

How do they experience ?

Online Blogging/Sharing, Messaging.They receive their member flag at their first event, they run, bike, walk, hitch hike a marathon. They “Eat, Drink, Play and Stay” with us in the city

Web  + Mobile

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